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CipherCom Technology, also known as CipherCom, is the perfect partner for all your audiovisual requirements.

With over 20 years’ experience in providing technology to small businesses, public organisations and corporate enterprises, CipherCom can work with you to provide a turnkey solution for the technologies where you may not have had prior experience or involvement Working closely with distributors, integrators and security/technology solution providers, we will liaise and advise on the appropriate products or services for the project requirements provided.

CipherCom has direct access to solutions in all forms of audiovisual technologies; specialising in KVM systems, signal transmissions, meeting room collaboration and large format video walls and processing. Working with a large range of manufacturers and solutions providers, CipherCom will act as your point of contact, from solution design, project management, installation and aftercare services.

About CipherCom Technology

In 2020, during the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, CipherCom took the decision to be a direct manufacturer of the rack-mounted, PCI-express power delivery system, PowerPlane. Our PowerPlane solution provides customers with a self-contained method of powering multiple PCIe devices simultaneously, without requiring large amounts of rack space or power cabling, and often means a lower cost of investment than the alternative methods. Compatible devices for our PowerPlane solution can be provided upon request. Compatible devices for PowerPlane include; 4K IP encoders, HDbaseT / HDMI signal transmission, KVM transmitters/receivers and high-powered Intel Xeon workstation cards.

Contact us now to discuss how CipherCom can assist you with your audiovisual requirements or if you would like further information on PowerPlane and how it can benefit your customers.

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